Whitley Bay's premier chimney repair company.

When you choose Bespoke you choose an established and reputable Whitley Bay builder, giving you full peace of mind that the guarantee you receive is a guarantee you can trust. We also offer building finance, meaning you are now in a position to choose the best company for the job, and not restricted by what you can afford, after all this is your property. Bespoke do all the work from start to finish.

Chimney stack repair in Whitley Bay.

If, for whatever reason, your chimney has been damaged, Bespoke Building and Roofing offer professional chimney repair services to ensure your property and the residents within it are safe.

Damaged chimney stacks can be potentially dangerous. If loose debris were to fall from a rooftop then passers by could end up with serious injuries. Our job, as professional building and roofing contractors, involves making sure your chimney stacks are properly repaired.

Chimney repair is something we take seriously. We know that damaged chimneys can sometimes require immediate attention to prevent them from becoming further damaged, or even worse, falling from the rooftop. We will always aim to be with you as soon as feasibly possible to repair your chimney and make sure the property, residents and passers by are kept safe from the risk of falling bricks and/or roof tiles.

Why choose Bespoke for chimney repair in Whitley Bay?

With years of experience specialising in chimney repair in Whitley Bay, the Bespoke team understand exactly what it takes to deliver the very best results. Skilled in all areas of building and roofing, repairing chimneys comes easy to the Bespoke team, who constantly strive for excellence and look to achieve 100% customer satisfaction every time.

Should you be looking for a company that specialises in chimney repair in Whitley Bay, Bespoke are here for you. We have expert knowledge, the right skills, an enormous amount of dedication, and the very best tools available that enable us to complete all jobs in a professional manner. Not only are we passionate about producing the very best results for our clients in Whitley Bay, we genuinely care about delivering the highest level of satisfaction available.

Our chimney repair services in Whitley Bay include: Chimney repair, chimney replacements, chimney removal and chimney restoration.

Just remember the 4 R's. Remove, repair, replace, restore. If you are looking for a local chimney repair service in Whitley Bay give Bespoke a call.

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